Independent Living Without the Worry and Responsibilities

The kind of Senior Independent Living offered in Phoenix retirement communities is what many of us already hope for when we come to what are supposed to be our “golden years.” Your home is just as private but things like roof repair, plumbing issues, yard work, housekeeping and anything else you’ve been used to dealing with on your own become someone else’s responsibility. There are places and services offered like blow dry near me for setting your salon appointments, parks for sightseeing, etc.

These communities are more than just a place to eat, sleep or watch TV all day long (unless that’s what you prefer.) Monthly Activities and cultural events provide an interesting way to spend some free time and parking is usually available, so you don’t have to give up private transportation. Or, if you need a ride, and are unable to drive yourself getting where you need to be is part of the package in a well-planned retirement community.

Apartment sizes or styles are not all the same so there is room for choice. One thing however that stays the same for all resident’s whichever unit they choose is service. Indoors or out, maintenance, housekeeping and even laundry service is generally part of the monthly fee. Kitchens are designed to be user friendly, but cooking is an option, not a requirement. If you don’t feel up to food prep or serving a meal it’s just as easy to step.

Hollywood has produced many sad movies about life in a retirement home where such places are shown as simply a way to “store” human beings. They never mention or show in their films the good side of life in a well-organized retirement establishment and how freedom from worry over how to get through day to day life adds joy, it does not take it away.

Many of us may be able to face giving up a home we have had for years but when it comes to our pets, that’s another matter entirely. Some retirement communities have strict codes regarding pets. If you’ve come to the point where you are ready to enjoy a less stressful lifestyle but have a pet you love it’s not difficult to find a lovely senior community in Phoenix that will welcome your pet as easily as they do you.